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How this local plumber cut lead costs by 82% and improved sales by 3X with a Google Ads strategy

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customer service excellence in plumbing, a key benefit for plumber marketing agency clientele.

Imagine being in business for over two decades, hiring various agencies and freelancers, yet feeling stuck in a cycle of disappointment. 

This was the reality for Priority 1 Plumbing, a seasoned emergency plumbing service in the bustling city of Brisbane. 

Specialising in everything from burst pipes to leak detection, they were no strangers to the challenges of digital marketing

However, years of underwhelming results had built a wall of distrust against marketing agencies

Their frustration peaked with their last agency, which, despite a two-year engagement, seemed to be in a passive state, merely maintaining the status quo.

The client’s main gripe was a lack of proactive results from their Google Ads campaigns

They were essentially flying blind, with no clear understanding of their Cost per Acquisition (CPA) or the quality of their leads. 

Their suspicion? They were paying for mediocrity and not receiving the service they deserved.

About P1P

Priority 1 Plumbing, a trusted name in Brisbane for over 20 years, specialises in emergency plumbing services. Their expertise covers everything from burst pipes to water heater meltdowns, serving clients with promptness and professionalism. Known for their reliability and efficiency, they've built a loyal customer base that values their swift, expert solutions in urgent situations.

What was the solution?

What were the results?​

The results were nothing short of remarkable. Within just 14 days, the Cost per Conversion plummeted from $512 to $90.28, a drastic 82% reduction. 

But this wasn’t just about cost savings; the quality of leads soared, with a consistent lead-to-sales conversion rate of 53-55%. 

Click-through rates (CTRs) on their ads hit an all-time high, ranging from 17.64% to 40% in some weeks. 

Priority 1 Plumbing’s journey from scepticism to success is a testament to the power of targeted, intelligent marketing. 

By understanding the unique needs of a local business and applying a blend of psychological insights and digital marketing expertise, we transformed their online presence. 

The client now enjoys clarity on their marketing investments, structured and purposeful advertising, and most importantly, a significant boost in their bottom line.

  • Significant cost savings in lead acquisition.
  • High-quality leads leading to steady sales conversion.
  • Tailored strategies that resonate with target audiences.
  • A partnership that goes beyond the surface to drive real business growth.
You're only a few clicks away from more leads, sales, and customers.