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How to Get 100+ Monthly
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If you're getting frustrated with your current dentist marketing agency and are struggling to attract new patients to grow your dental practice, try this instead.


Helping dental clinics in Perth Make $100,000s In New Net Revenue‏‏

When the team at Elevate Dental first contacted me, they were understandably skeptical. After two unsuccessful attempts with other dental marketing agencies, they weren’t sure if it was viable to get a good return on investment through online marketing. We discussed what hadn’t worked in the past and crafted an innovative strategy using a combination of Google Ads and positioning strategies. Astonishingly, this resulted in a 900% return on investment within three months.

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Happy clients with predictable marketing engines

Peter Newsome
Peter Newsome
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We manage quite a lot of accounts. We hired Josiah to take a look at the account and see what we could do to improve it. Josiah was able to reduce our CPA costs by 50% in less than 4 weeks. I would highly recommend Josiah if you're looking for a true outsourced CMO that can make a difference to your ad performance.
Joanne Dickenson
Joanne Dickenson
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I have been working with Josiah for a few months now and he has been such a tremendous help to me as my outsourced CMO. He’s very knowledgeable in digital marketing services and knows exactly which strategies work best for me. I’m really enjoying working with him. Highly recommend!
Andrew Koulouris
Andrew Koulouris
Simple Property Lending
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JRR Marketing delivered a great product and the collaboration is likely to continue. With helpful expertise and a team of seasoned marketing professionals, their team was able to create a seamless process. Overall, their partnership resulted in an admirable client experience.
Elliot Ramsay
Elliot Ramsay
Blue Water Physio
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Josiah has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He provided an unbeatable digital strategy and a website that is as good as any national competitor. I find that he’s very helpful in general, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their online marketing.
Tara Todras-Whitehill
Tara Todras-Whitehill
TaraTW Visual Storytelling
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I reached out to Josiah because I wasn't sure how to deal with hiring new employees. He gave me insightful ideas and solutions to key hiring issues. Josiah’s deep knowledge of digital marketing helped me to move forward with my business in order to take it to the next level.
David Rigbye
David Rigbye
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Josiah knows his stuff and is great to work with! Very knowledgeable when it comes to PPC - looking forward to continuing to work with him!
Ally Kotwica
Ally Kotwica
Test Geek
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I wanted to write this testimonial because I think that Josiah is an exceptional fractional CMO. He really knows what he's talking about when it comes to CRO and is so easy to talk to. I was really taken aback with the insights he provided and I'm excited that we're implementing his strategies into our website to increase our sales!
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How these dental clinics create 100+ consistent patient bookings every single month

It’s no secret that marketing can be a tricky game to play. You want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, but you don’t want to sacrifice the integrity of your brand in order to get results. That’s why I take an entirely different approach when it comes to dental marketing in Perth —one that doesn’t rely on silly gimmicks or discounts. I believe that PPC for dentists should be about bringing in high-quality, low-hanging fruit patients that are already looking for a dental service provider in their area.

Why choose me for dental marketing Perth?

As the digital landscape for dentists rapidly evolves, you need a reliable expert who can keep up. With the right strategies and tools, you can create a steady source of sales for your dental practice and dramatically increase bookings for services such as root canal treatments, teeth whitening, and Invisalign treatments. Join forces with a highly experienced dental marketing specialist who will handle your business’s online marketing as if it were their own.

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Strategies that have been battle-tested

You won't find this kind of bespoke dental advertising anywhere else

Appointment Tracking

We know that running a dental clinic can be time-consuming, so you need to ensure that your online performance is being tracked accurately and reliably. That's why we make sure every dental clinic we work with has a single source of truth allows you to measure SEO/PPC performance in real-time.

Persuasive Content

You can rest assured that your ad copy is in the best possible hands. Our dental marketing specialist in Perth has a deep understanding of how to craft compelling headlines and engaging body copy that will draw people in. With a background in sales psychology, your ads are tailored to appeal to your audience.

Click Protection​

Our click fraud protection is designed to ensure that your ads are safe and secure. We have a sophisticated system in place that blocks suspicious clicks, allowing you to increase ad profitability without the fear of malicious bots or competitors clicking on your ads; so you can maximise your ROI.

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Elevate Dental

Elevate Dental is more than just a team of highly-trained dentists. They provide customised dental treatment plans.







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OnTrack Tasmania

OnTrack Tasmania helps Tasmanians on the NDIS get equal access to employment, housing and community.






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Questions that clinics ask me a lot

Absolutely! When it comes to dental advertising, I always follow the local Ahpra laws and regulations. This ensures that my clients’ ads are compliant with all the necessary standards and that their campaigns adhere to all of Perth’s rules and guidelines. I’m also constantly researching new updates in the industry so that I can keep up-to-date with the latest regulations.

It can be tricky to figure out the right amount to invest in Google Ads. With my PPC budget calculator, you can quickly and easily determine your ideal budget for dental marketing in Perth. This tool takes into account a number of factors such as cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rates, and target ROI.

It all depends on your aspirations and current situation. If you’re looking to get an initial boost of new customers, it may be wise to spend between 30-40% of your top-line revenue in the first three months.

When it comes to where this investment should go, a great starting point is typically setting up an effective website that can convert web traffic into patients. This may require a couple of grand to get set up correctly, if you don’t already have one.

That being said, the exact amount you should invest will ultimately depend on your practice’s current patient capacity, location, competition, and growth goals. Generally speaking, I recommend that you start by investing 20-30% of your top-line revenue.

Over the past five years, I’ve been helping cosmetic dentists increase their patient bookings. From dental veneers to teeth whitening to implants, I’ve been able to get new bookings for as little as $10 per appointment.

I’m passionate about helping cosmetic dentists grow their practices, and have a lot of experience with marketing in this space. If you’re looking to increase your patient base and bring in more revenue, I can help you reach your goals.

My team and I have helped many Perth dentists reach their quarterly and yearly Invisalign KPIs. We strategise around creating bottom-of-funnel ads that capture the buyer’s intent, focusing primarily on Google Ads and SEO to maximise the ROI for our clinics.

We understand each client has a unique competitive landscape, so we don’t habitually stick to the same technique. Instead, we spend time understanding each clinic’s needs and then create targeted campaigns that consider their goals and preferences.

Google Ads is an incredibly powerful tool for promoting your dental practice, and it should definitely be part of your digital marketing strategy.

First, Google Ads offers you the ability to target people specifically interested in dentistry and dental services.

You can tailor campaigns to show up in searches related to dental topics or even target ads based on user’s past browsing history or interests. This ensures that you are reaching the right people with your ad and that it has a better chance of being seen by potential patients.

Yes! Google Ads is a great way to get your dental practice noticed and get potential patients interested in booking an appointment with you.

With its powerful targeting capabilities, you can reach people searching for dental services in your area and show them exactly why they should choose YOUR practice.

Plus, you can easily track how effective your ads are by keeping an eye on the results. You’ll be able to see which keywords are getting you the best response, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

You're only a few clicks away from more leads, sales, and customers.

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