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Struggling Solo NDIS Provider Went from $0 to Financially Free with This NDIS Marketing Strategy

StepUp Tasmania is committed to providing a holistic, inclusive and empowering experience for all NDIS participants.


Increased Traffic


Increased CTR


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After a month of hard work and dedicated copywriting research from my team, we built a stunning NDIS website for Andrew. Within the first week, Andrew made his initial investment back from 2 leads. There’s nothing quite like seeing results from your efforts. And it didn’t stop there! We continued to grow the contact list for Andrew’s business and increased the conversion rates significantly.

Client Profile

StepUp Tasmania provides supports that promote individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination and informed choice that can assist to identify each NDIS participant’s personal strengths and goals, whilst respecting their values and beliefs.

The Challenge

Every business owner knows the importance of lead generation. Any new business must get a steady flow of interested prospects, and Andrew was no exception. The thing is, he needed new clients fast.

Like most startup sole traders, Andrew needed to build a website that was not only user-friendly but generated qualified NDIS leads. Designing for visitors with high needs for functionality and design is highly important when making a site for the NDIS community.

My Solution

With the help of JRR Marketing, we were able to build a site that was suitable for StepUp Tasmania’s audience. Our team ensured the website was SEO-friendly and fast without sacrificing quality. We built a site suitable for StepUp Tasmania’s audience with mobile responsive web design and leading copywriting.

The Payoff

Andrew followed up with me to share his success story. He received fantastic feedback from prospects and customers alike. It was so encouraging to hear that he was seeing such great results from following the NDIS marketing strategy. Andrew has been able to work full-time for his business since then, and I can’t wait to see how he does with more leads coming in daily.

Andrews traffic has increased by 32% over the first 90 days. The CTR from his rankings increased by a further 11%. The number of qualified leads his way increased by a whopping 116%. And he’s now ranking on the first page of Google for some SERP keywords.

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