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How this learning disability centre won awards for its digital marketing.

NeuFocus completely overhauled its digital marketing strategy to better reach its customers and deliver superior experiences.

What was the problem?

When Joanne first approached me, she was completely overwhelmed by her digital marketing efforts. She had been in the industry for decades and worked with a highly reputable brand, but she just wasn't getting the results she expected from her website. After conducting a comprehensive digital marketing audit of Joanne's website and online presence, I was able to uncover several issues that were preventing potential customers from engaging with her.


About NeuFocus

NeuFocus helps individuals with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, ADHD, and autism to increase focus, attention span, and processing speed. Their program is designed to help people recalibrate their neural pathways.

Diving into the situation.

The audit revealed the underlying issues of her online marketing. Cognitive Strengthening Centre was a long brand name that people had difficulty remembering and didn’t describe what Joanne did in an effective way. Her website content also wasn’t creating a strong enough connection with potential customers; it lacked any compelling USPs (unique selling points) to highlight why her services were the best in the market. Most importantly, she had no predictable source of traffic coming to her website. Joanne had to rely on referrals, which was not consistent. It was not enough to sustain and grow her business. We discussed these issues and created an action plan that would help create predictability in her business.

What was the solution?

We first worked together on a rebrand to help her to connect with her target market in a more meaningful way.  We then developed marketing personas to represent her customers and their unique needs, so that we could work out the best way to speak to them. After some brainstorming sessions with the board, we finally settled on the perfect name for her business: NeuFocus. We felt this name encapsulated her mission in a concise but memorable way. 

From there, it was my job to create the website for Joanne. I used my experience in journalism and sales psychology to ensure that the content was SEO-optimised for her target keywords, as well as tailored for each of the marketing personas we had identified. Once we had launched the website, Joanne and I then set about creating a Google Ads strategy that would generate leads for her business. We targeted our ads based on analytics from the website, as well as research into her target market’s online habits. This allowed us to create a predictable source of leads for her business.

What were the results?

To my surprise, Joanne’s new website ended up winning the DotComm Award for the best website redesign of 2022. She loves it and is constantly reporting back to me about all the positive feedback she’s getting on its design and content. It’s been a great journey so far. It’s been 6 months since we first started working with Joanne and her business is now starting to see an influx of leads that it never had before. I’m excited for the future and all the success Joanne’s business will have.

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