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How an NBN Teleco Got 2000+ Leads In Less Than 7 Days with Telecom Marketing

Despite specialising in technology, the company’s bare-bones website left something to be desired. It was time to transform this lifeless jumble of words into a high-performing marketing vehicle.


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With a fresh new product experience ready for their clients, NBNCheck was looking to skyrocket the number of top-of-funnel leads they were getting. After delivering an impactful Google Ads strategy and landing page, we saw a 42% boost in the overall conversion rates and 117% increase in traffic performance.

Client Profile

NBNCheck is a free service that can provide you with all the information you need to know about nbn™ services and technologies. It is targeted at property developers where they can use it to find out what speeds they will be able to receive, how many people will be connected, and what technology type was used.

The Challenge

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with a website. It has all the relevant information and the sections you need to get your point across. But you may find that it isn’t performing as you’d like it to. NBNCheck was struggling with this issue when they came to me for help. Their website didn’t look the way they wanted to generate enough leads. It didn’t communicate the brand’s new product offering in an accurate, captivating way. With few leads being generated, their revenue was floundering. Here are the main issues that the client faced:

  • The client was not accurately tracking conversions (sales attribution)
  • There was no A/B testing for ad copy or campaigns
  • The website content was not compelling enough to convert visitors
  • They were spending way too much on CPA when it should be lower

My Solution

Given the circumstances and level of competition in the NBN space, we proceeded with an overall marketing audit to give us some direction on the approach for this new campaign. Upon discovering the exact issues with the campaign and website, I knew how to turn the account around. I started with a website UI plan for this new web page, followed by compelling copywriting based on the target audience’s pain points and deep desires around the product. After back and forth revisions, the client was thrilled with the final version of the web design, and thus we launched the website on high-speed cloud servers. After that, I implemented a new Google Ads strategy to bring the overall CPA down, ensuring we maximise the CPL over time.

The Payoff

Fresh, vibrant, and high-converting – these are just a few ways the client described their new landing page. Not only are the visuals much better, but the content on the page resonated with the target audience – increasing their conversion rates by a massive 42%. As this is top of the funnel, we managed to decrease their CPL from $5 to just $1.70, resulting in HUGE savings across the board. In the first 7-days of launching the campaign, the client received over 2,000 leads at the abovementioned CPL. This is a great case study to show how powerful these digital marketing strategies are.

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