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How this household brand skyrocketed student bookings by over 400%

When First Aid Pro first reached out to me, they had already been through the wringer with multiple digital marketing agencies. I knew that I would have to bring something special to the table if we were to deliver for them.

What was the problem?

When Sharon reached out to me, she was desperate for help. Her business had been a leader in the first aid education sector for over two decades, but with the industry soon catching up, she saw that competitors were rapidly taking over top positions on SERP. She knew that if her team didn't take action soon, they would be left behind.


About First Aid Pro

First Aid Pro is one of Australia’s largest accredited first aid training and CPR course providers. They offer the fastest same-day certificates in the country, with dozens of locations across Australia.

Diving into the situation.

After conducting a digital marketing audit, I discovered that many of the dozens of websites Sharon had built for her brand were not optimized to meet SEO best practices. She was losing rankings fast, and on top of this, her Google Ads were wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars. This was a huge red flag, and it meant that something needed to be done right away in order to turn things around. This is where I stepped in and worked together with Sharon to develop a new digital marketing strategy that would help her business succeed.

What was the solution?

Google Ads was my top priority since their budget had been draining, so I set out to make them profitable. To do this, I began by examining each website on its own terms and collaborating with Sharon in creating varied versions of her websites that could optimise conversion rates while also developing distinct campaigns for each one to avoid overlap between the ads (cannibalisation). Furthermore, I explored untapped possibilities such as putting together remarketing initiatives, experimenting with keywords themes and crafting creative ads based on sales psychology.

What were the results?

As we partnered together, it became clear that First Aid Pro had a great product, but the way they presented it was letting them down. With my help, I managed to establish an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy for their website and create targeted ads for each location. The result? An impressive 400% increase in bookings and sales! Not only has First Aid Pro seen a massive jump in its online presence and sales, but they’re also taking extra steps to ensure that they offer the best customer service available. With my help, we’ve implemented strategies such as detailed customer feedback forms and automated email responses to ensure a smooth customer experience.

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