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How this dental clinic made over 900% ROI in a competitive PPC market

In an effort to stand out from the competition in Melbourne, this dental clinic sought after my expertise. After having had two prior bad experiences with agencies, I was their last hope for running profitable online marketing.

What was the problem?

When Elevate Dental first came to me, they had already been burned by two other dental marketing agencies. It was clear that they had not seen any real success from their campaigns, despite the fact that these agencies specialised in just Dental marketing. I heard Judith out, and I completely understood her concerns. She wanted to remain true to her brand as a boutique dental office without compromising on her reputation by offering cheap and tacky discounts (unlike what the other agencies had done). On that point, we agreed. But I needed to take a better look at the situation from inside the ads account.


About Elevate

Elevate Dental is more than just a team of highly-trained dentists. They give you the support you need to make sure your oral health remains in top condition, especially between check-ups. With their comprehensive services and innovative approaches, they provide customised treatment plans that fit your individual needs.

Diving into the situation.

To make matters worse, the two previous agencies weren’t keeping up with industry standards. They had created ads that targeted irrelevant keywords, which meant she was wasting money and wasn’t reaching her ideal customers. They hadn’t taken the time to set up tracking, so there was no way of knowing how effective her ads were. It was like throwing good money after bad, and Judith was understandably hesitant to try her luck with other dental PPC services. That’s why I presented her with a completely new strategy. Rather than relying on broad search terms, we decided to create highly targeted ads that were only seen by people who were actually searching for particular treatments.

What was the solution?

The challenge here was ensuring that the ads stood out from the crowd. Melbourne is a highly competitive city with over 100 other advertisers competing for top spots. So I knew we had to take a different approach, one that showed potential customers how her dental services could benefit them both aesthetically and emotionally. 

To do this, we needed to create content that deeply resonated with her target personas. We decided to focus on the psychological benefits of her services rather than just listing features and prices. Utilising my experience in direct response marketing, I researched all the attractive benefits of her services and wrote compelling ad copy that would draw people in. I tested several copywriting variations to see which ones resonated most with the target audience. 

I then set up advanced conversion tracking tools and anti-bot services to help her track her ROI and deflect fraudulent bots from clicking on her ads (which saved her thousands of dollars a month). This allowed her to optimise her ads and track which ads produced the highest ROI.

What were the results?

We achieved extraordinary results for Judith, who experienced immense growth in her digital marketing with an unbelievable 902.84% return on investment and $100,000s worth of LTV profits! In addition to this success, we are still seeing a regular month-on-month boost of 28% more leads. Judith’s success story is just one of many. I have worked with countless dental practices over the years and helped them achieve their business goals. Our marketing strategies are tailored to our client’s needs and offer measurable results so that you can track your profits with confidence. She’s even engaged us to rebuild her website, and it’s nearly complete. You can take a sneak peek at the new website here. With my help, you too could be creating your own success story.

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