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See How This Arts Business Slingshotted To Success With 29% Increased Sign Ups

Arts for All Australia is a robust search engine to find local events and arts instructors. Despite its best intentions, the brand’s website was failing its customers in a number of ways. It was time for a much-needed overhaul.

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After months of hard work, our team could finally update the old website with the current web pages. After just a few months, the site has increased its CTR by 14%, the number of clicks by 78%, and its sign-up rate has reached a record high of 29%. The client's website is now #1 on Google for numerous high-volume keywords they've never been able to rank for before.

Client Profile

Arts for All Australia is a creative outlet that inspires people to discover artistic talents they didn’t know they had. It's a robust search engine to find local events and arts instructors. This website has an event search function where you can narrow your results by location, date, type of event, or even by keyword. The website also features an online directory which lists local talent.

The Challenge

Arts for All Australia strives to foster creativity and inspiration in its students. Its former website, though? It wasn’t doing the trick. Despite its plain aesthetic, the interface was confusing and hard to navigate. Customers reported having trouble knowing where to go to find specific information.

While Arts for All Australia is renowned for its caring and genuine customer service, the tone of its web copy didn’t match up. It was generic, which came across as cold and impersonal to users. As a result, customers weren’t getting an accurate picture of the team they’d be working with.

Another issue for the brand was discoverability. Despite having a different brand name, they were failing to rank on the first page of search engines. This made it harder for potential customers to find their site and explore their services.

The main goals of this project were to:

  • Create a cohesive site flow for a more robust user experience
  • Adjust the website to be more friendly and approachable,
  • And Improve site performance to rank higher on search engines

My Solution

My first action point in creating a fantastic website for Arts for All Australia? Changing the design altogether. I knew starting anew was the best way to improve the site flow. I chose a simplistic and intuitive WordPress template. I then reconfigured its sections to optimise the user experience even further. For example, at the top of the home page, I inserted a sticky header with tabs for each landing page. I also added two clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons in the header that were eye-catching and easy to understand.

Once I improved the site flow, it was time to upgrade its copywriting tone. I rewrote all the website’s copy, incorporating a more laid-back manner. I used simple and conversational language to make the reading experience easier and more enjoyable. It also helped convey Arts for All Australia as their caring company.

After giving the layout and tone a makeover, I needed to ensure the site was easy to find. After all, if no one could discover the website, its new look and feel wouldn’t provide any payoff. I used several search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to achieve this goal. I conducted keyword research and used these keywords in the web copy to boost its ranking. I also added meta titles, descriptions, and backlinks to external websites to improve the site’s SEO even more.

My team handled the off-page link-building strategies, which included article writing and done-for-you guest posting.

The Payoff

Arts for All Australia’s old website was holding it back from realising its full potential. The new website was the stepping stone they needed to reach new heights.

While the old website ranked for numerous keywords on the 10th page of Google SERP, the new site now ranks on page 1 for several keywords. With this improvement, we’ve boosted the client’s CTR by 14%, the number of clicks by 78%, and now the site has a record-high sign-up rate of 29%.

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