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How this national financial broker managed to skyrocket their SEO

Aglend contacted me in the hope of finding someone who could help with their digital marketing. Their website needed revising and they wanted to update their marketing for the 21st century.

What was the problem?

Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, Aglend lost one of their legendary project managers due to illness. With this having devastated the team, Aglend reached out to me months later in hopes to find someone that can help guide their digital marketing efforts. It had been ten years since they revised their website, and they wanted to really come into the 21st century with their marketing efforts.

aglend case study

About Aglend

Aglend is Australia’s #1 choice for agricultural finance, providing funding to farmers and agricultural businesses. We believe in supporting farmers to grow their farm businesses no matter their circumstances.

Diving into the situation.

I understood the gravity of their situation and took on the challenge to take over their digital marketing as soon as possible. Aglend had a great product, but without an effective online presence, they weren’t reaching its full potential. I set out to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan to increase their visibility, reach more customers, and ultimately grow their business. The first step was to upgrade their website. It had been 10 years since the last major redesign, so it hadn’t kept up with modern design trends and technology.

What was the solution?

I started with a complete website overhaul. After careful research and analysis, I created a rebuilding plan that would not only give their website an updated look but also maintain their current SEO rankings. I worked closely with their team to ensure I was writing content that really spoke to their target audience (using personas). It was a very delicate process because it needed to be a hybrid website of SEO and CRO. Additionally, I optimised existing pages as well as created content for new ones to strengthen their website’s performance further.

What were the results?

Aglend’s website has seen some amazing progress in the last six months. After the initial launch, their rankings went through a period of fluctuation (commonly known as a Google Dance). I’ve been working hard to optimise their content, and it’s paying off. With our combined efforts working alongside the PPC team, we’ve achieved a lot of first-page rankings for target keywords. It’s certainly nice to see the fruits of our labour show up in the SERPs.

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